Saturday, October 23, 2010

Community for displeased EEB goers

I for one am very disappointed the EEB was canceled. I am hoping to give other people who feel the same way a location to vent and figure things out. Feel free to post and say what is on your mind. What do you think happened? What is the future of the EEB? Where do we go from here? Etc.


  1. First off, id like to give a big FUCK YOU to Perry Mann. Thanks for ditching on us you prick. And thanks for refunding our money thief. I hope to one day kick you in the nuts.

  2. I hear you. I, too, bought my ticket early and now I have to go through my credit card company to get my money back.

  3. Perry Mann has been one of the best and most honest adult event promoters for over 30 years.

    Things happen. He is not a thief, you get your money back.

    Part of todays world. Pots anon because you would never "kick him in his nuts" face to face.

  4. is there one this yr